9 Ways to Tell If You Are a Fake Driver License

Introduction: You have a driver’s license, but you don’t know if you are a real driver. Do you have to take the DMV test? If so, where and when? What if you don’t have your license or registration card? Have you ever had to show your license or registration card in person before? If so, did it go well? Do you feel like you could convincingly produce your driver’s license when needed? In this article, we will tell you nine ways to tell if you are a fake driver’s license.

What is a Fake Driver License.

1. You do not have a driver’s license or registration.

2. The name on your driver’s license or registration is different than the name you use when driving.

3. The date of your driver’s license or registration is incorrect.

4. Your driver’s license or registration has expired or been revoked.

5. The number on your driver’s license or registration is not what it should be- either fake, altered, or pulled from a database of licenses statewide.

6. The photo on your driver’s license or registration does not match the photo you present to authorities when applying for a drivers licence/registration (or when getting a new drivers license/registration).

7. You are using an offensive word in your Driver License Application (e.g., “faker, imposter, fake document, etc.).

8. You do not meet the age requirements for driving privileges- even if you have a valid drivers licence from another country/region/state).

9. There are other errors in your Driver License Application that we cannot find at this time.

How to spot a fake driver license.

If you are not sure whether you have a real driver license or identification card, it is best to verify your name and License Number. To do so, use one of the following methods:

-Check your driver license photo against a record of your photograph taken in the past.

-Check your license number against a list of valid license numbers.

-Check your driver license online.

-Or contact the DMV customer service number to obtain an application for verification.

Check Your Identification.

When verifying your identity, look for government-issued IDs that match the information on your driver license or identification card. IDs that don’t match may be fake and could potentially lead to legal trouble if discovered. To avoid being pulled over without probable cause, be sure to carry ID that matches all of the information on your driver license or identification card – including your name and photograph – at all times.

Look for Fake Driver Licenses.

If you notice that someone has tried to buy or sell a fake drivers license, immediately report this to law enforcement authorities by calling 1-800-222-8477 (toll free) or writing to the appropriate authority, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). By reporting this crime, you may help prevent other people from becominguly involved in this type of fraud and could receive criminal charges themselves.

How to spot a fake driver license.

If you’re looking for a fake driver license, it’s important to look for similar vehicles. Compare the plates of your car or truck to see if they match. If they don’t, you may be able to tell that the license is fake.

Compare Your License Plate Number to the Real License Plate Number.

Another way to spot a fake driver license is by comparing your license plate number to the real one. This can be done by checking government records or online databases.

Compare Your License Plate Number to Other Records.

If you have any other suspicious documents in addition to your driver’s license, compare them too. This could include your passport, immigration card, driving licence, or other documents from your past life as a driver.

Compare Your License Plate Number to Your Driver’s License.

Finally, if you’re still not sure whether you own a fake driver license, compare it against your current driver’s licence and/or passport file.


If you are uncertain about whether you have a valid driver license, it is important to take some time to verify the information on it. In addition, be careful not to drive in a false name or license number. By checking for fake driver licenses and avoiding driving in a false name or license number, you can protect yourself from being pulled over and/or scammed.

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